WakeUp Animated TV Spot

WakeUp PSA

Because mpiTOO wanted to evoke an emotional response to transportation systems that didn’t exist yet, the team settled on animation as the best means of telling the story. mpiTOO wrote the script, hired the animator, recorded the voice-over artist and worked through three versions of the ad before settling on the final :30 version. Because WRAL-TV, WRAL2, WRAZ-TV also offered 10-second and 15-second spots that didn’t get sold, we also created shorter versions too. The total budget was $5,000.

mpiTOO was engaged to help maximize the efforts of WakeUp Wake County, a 501(c)(3) focused on growth issues in Wake County. They wanted a short video to immediately convey the urgency of the transportation need in the county prior to the election.

mpiTOO used animation to illustrate the need and the diversity of the urban setting that will depend on improved transportation to sustain growth in the future. The spot was intended to communicate the human side of an otherwise purely infrastructure conversation. Capitol Broadcasting Corporation committed broadcast times – mpiTOO produced the spot. On November 8th, the tax referendum passed.