RPA Start the Talk: Marijuana

  • RPA - Marijuana Poster

To help RPA prevent drug and alcohol use among teens in Roanoke City, mpiTOO developed a campaign to encourage parents to talk to their children about this issue. Research confirmed that talking to children about drugs and alcohol prevents use at a young age. From there, mpiTOO built the “Start The Talk” campaign, tackling youth marijuana use with one set of creative and youth alcohol use with another. mpiTOO also set up a landing page for this campaign at StartTheTalk.org with youth substance use prevention information for parents.

mpiTOO designed the full campaign creative, including two :30 spots to air on TV. mpiTOO also created the full media strategy for all phases of this campaign. This campaign ran on a variety of out-of-home and digital media; TV, buses, theater, high school football programs, digital pre-roll, digital banner ads, and social media.

Direct web traffic to the StartTheTalk.org page increased by 2,063 hits. mpiTOO negotiated with vendors to gain six months of added value via the bus ad placement and heavy nonprofit discounts on all other offline media placements. Over 1,000 football programs with the RPA ad were distributed. On social media, the campaign saw over 25,000 engagements and over 275,000 impressions.