• CVARR Resiliency Campaign

    Building on our experience with other groups working on resiliency, we developed messaging for CVARR, an ad hoc community group dedicated to strengthening community resources to support youth and families in Central Virginia.

  • HBH Consequences Campaign

    When 45% of Lynchburg, VA area youth said parents don't enforce consequences for risky behavior, Horizon Behavioral Health wanted to respond with a TV commercial and collateral materials.

  • Off-Opioids Campaign

    Community Service Boards (CSBs) in Virginia raise awareness in their communities of the array of services available to address mental health, substance use, and intellectual disabilities.

  • CVARR Rebrand & Website

    CVARR grew out of a common vision to help those seeking help with substance abuse and recovery. In order to bring multiple organizations and resources together under one umbrella, CVARR needed a brand and website to direct the community to local services using a searchable directory.

  • RPA Start the Talk: Marijuana

    RPA is dedicated to preventing drug and alcohol abuse among teens and young adults in Roanoke City. We created a variety of print, digital, and video creative directed at parents to let them know their opinion matters when their children are faced with the decision to use marijuana or not.