Resiliency Collective Branding

RPA’s Resiliency Collective needed a logo, tagline, and campaign. The Collective wanted to convey that resiliency is vital to recovery from traumatic events. mpiTOO created a logo that incorporated Roanoke City colors and the “Roanoke star,” an iconic landmark in the community. mpiTOO developed the tagline “Resilient people. Stronger communities.”

From there, mpiTOO created a full media plan and designed a campaign creative for the Resiliency Collective. mpiTOO designed print ads, animated digital banner ads, social media, bus ads, and theater ads.

For the second phase of the campaign, mpiTOO made a :30 video animation for cable and online use featuring an original “bouncing ball” character to represent resilience. This video spot depicts the character moving along the “path to resiliency.” The viewer follows the main character moving past various barriers (types of trauma) and choosing the path of resiliency. Along the path, community members support the main character and the path becomes populated with protective factors rather than trauma. The video ends with a “learn more” call to action and website URL.