• Park View Fundraising Tools

    Park View Community Mission has been a client since 2018. We began by helping the Board refine their mission and vision, set goals for future fundraising, and created a system to build a sustainable donor base. With a combination of quarterly direct mail pieces and digital campaigns, mpiTOO has been able to help expand the individual donor base by 10-15% annually. The emphasis has been on developing monthly donors and maximizing the end-of-year appeal. That appeal is done in partnership with WSET-TV. That relationship was fostered by us to increase the reach and frequency of the Park View message during the holidays using broadcast television, social media post by the station, direct mail, and online giving.

  • CVARR Resiliency Campaign

    Building on our experience with other groups working on resiliency, we developed messaging for CVARR, an ad hoc community group dedicated to strengthening community resources to support youth and families in Central Virginia.

  • SARA Creative

    SARA is dedicated to empowering sexual assault survivors through counseling and education. In order to raise awareness of their services in the community and serve more women, mpiTOO refreshed their brand and messaging across web and print.

  • CVARR Rebrand & Website

    CVARR grew out of a common vision to help those seeking help with substance abuse and recovery. In order to bring multiple organizations and resources together under one umbrella, CVARR needed a brand and website to direct the community to local services using a searchable directory.

  • Resiliency Collective Branding

    RPA formed a community collective aimed at educating the community about the effects of traumatic experiences on individuals and the need to help others build resilience. We created a new brand and tagline as well as a series of ads including print, digital, social, and an animated video for cable to help spread the message.

  • Project Discovery Rebranding

    Project Discovery’s mission is to see all high school students graduate and encourages students to attain post-secondary degrees by providing education and resources. With a large network of partner agencies, Project Discovery was looking for a brand refresh to streamline their efforts.

  • RPA Start the Talk: Marijuana

    RPA is dedicated to preventing drug and alcohol abuse among teens and young adults in Roanoke City. We created a variety of print, digital, and video creative directed at parents to let them know their opinion matters when their children are faced with the decision to use marijuana or not.

  • National MS Society – NC

    When two local chapters joined forces to present a statewide message with a lasting impression, the focus was clear: Fight MS!